Employers, by using the new HealthEconomics.Com Jobs Portal, posting and managing your open positions has never been easier! This brief tutorial will help you get started posting jobs right away. We're only going to touch on the main features to get you started. As you grow accustomed to the Portal, you will find the other options easy to navigate, and self-explanatory.


If you are a HealthEconomics.Com Partner, notify Dana Minyard ( to activate your unlimited job listings! You're not a Partner? Complete your registration and sign up using your Employer Control Panel.

USER ACCOUNT: Enter your preferred username and password for logging in to your Employer account.


COMPANY: Enter the email address you wish to use to receive application notifications, and the name of your company. Select your company sector from the available options.


Company sectors available are:


  • Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology Company
  • Medical Device Company
  • Contract Research Organization
  • Managed Care, Insurance, or Pharmacy Benefit Organization
  • Government Agency
  • Health Technology Assessment Agency
  • Academia
  • Marketing, Communications, or Advertising Agency
  • Provider Hospital, Physician Group, Pharmacy, etc.
  • Other


If your company sector is not listed here, please contact Dana Minyard for assistance.


It is recommended that you submit your company logo using the file browser to locate an image on your computer, or simply drag an image into the drop files zone to upload.


COMPANY INFO: Enter a brief description of your company. Only a paragraph or two is fine! The simplest method is to copy and paste information from your company website into the editor. Be careful to double-check formatting; sometimes copying text from a webpage results in odd styling to the layout.


LOCATION: Your company's address. In the case of multiple locations, simply enter the company headquarters. If you have multiple locations across the globe, you will be able to specify a location for each job listing.