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ApotheCom is a Global Medical Communications Powerhouse with offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Auckland, and London.

Our mission is to be an effective and proactive broker of collaborative and sustained engagement for the healthcare community, to drive meaningful change and positive outcomes.

ApotheCom is uniquely able to create and deploy teams across many geographies, pulling on specialized skills and specific market expertise. The team comprises 70 PhDs and PharmDs and more than 150 content developers who understand how to tell the scientific, clinical and value stories to reach specific audiences.

The global team structure supports dedicated practice areas in Scientific Communications and Publications, Medical Education and Access Pathways and Outcomes in addition to therapeutic areas of excellence across chronic diseases, oncology and specialized medicine. The matrix structure has been created to fuel innovation and flexibility, with increased specialization and focus on multi-functional team working. At our core we bring data agility, integrated evidence planning, scientific and value storytelling, convergence of technology and insight-driven problem-solving.

Our single, global team structure with dedicated practice areas and defined therapeutic expertise has been specifically designed to remove every barrier to being able to provide the best expertise in the right place and at the right time for our clients.

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