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What do you want as a client?

Sometimes you know what you want, and sometimes it’s easier to define what you don’t want. We won’t promise to read your mind but we will collaborate with you and ask pertinent questions to help define your needs and create pragmatic solutions. We are flexible and won’t just assume that we know what’s best, regardless of what you tell us, or try to force an off-the-peg solution on you that doesn’t specifically address your needs – we tailor our solutions to your specific challenges. We also understand that sometimes the focus can change mid-project; we’ll change with you.

What will you get?

Cutting-edge solutions, creative recommendations, strategic insights, in-depth research, clearly written and presented work, delivered on time and on budget. We believe that clarity is the key to any successful presentation. All our work goes through a rigorous checking and quality control process; the team assigned to your project will be chosen for their relevant experience but you will also have the integrated support of our professional writing, editing, and design teams.

Why us?

  • We challenge ourselves as a group to anticipate our clients’ needs; we are involved in cutting-edge projects, multiple advisory boards, and projects that are pushing the boundaries with HTA agencies and payers. We pride ourselves on being one of the most well-informed market access consultancies across the globe.
  • We can come in at an early stage in the development of your product to help you establish your P&R and market access strategy; we can guide you through the whole process with evidence generation, evidence synthesis and communication, or we can address one-off problems. We are experts in unravelling the complex HEOR evidence and HTA requirements across the globe in a systematic way, with the support of our unique platforms.
  • We have the same background experience as you – more than one-third of our consultancy team have a PhD, and many spent years working for pharmaceutical companies in senior positions before joining PRMA Consulting. Our approachable staff take an active interest in new developments and share articles of interest about new drugs, HTA decisions, and trends.
  • You will talk directly with the people who do the work, who will come to the project with a common understanding of the issues involved; we never ask you to explain your project to a middleman and hope that they will interpret your needs correctly to the team assigned to your project.
  • All our projects are led by members of our senior leadership team. They like to be intellectually challenged and don’t just advise from a distance but are actively involved, ensuring that your brief is integral to the work being conducted, that we are telling you the whole story, and that we are providing you with pragmatic and insightful solutions.

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