Employers, by using the new HealthEconomics.Com Jobs Portal, posting and managing your open positions has never been easier! This brief tutorial will help you get started posting jobs right away.

Please note, if you have previously posted jobs with HealthEconomics.Com, you will need to create a new account with this Portal to fully take advantage of the new features. Once registered, any active jobs listed from the old Jobs page will be moved to your new credentials. Active jobs are here on the site, but until you register, they are not linked to your log in credentials, giving you control of your listing! If you are a HealthEconomics.Com Partner, notify Dana Minyard (dana@healtheconomics.com) to activate your free, unlimited jobs.


The first step is to register for an account. Either using the top navigation bar (a sub-menu will open), or the link in the sidebar, click EMPLOYER REGISTRATION to view this screen:

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This screen is self explanatory. Fill out as many of the fields as you can. This ensures not only that potential applicants (or candidates) will be able to view your complete company profile, but also allows the built-in search function to easily find your company (fields marked with an * are required).


The Employer Panel is where you will manage your account. Clicking the button COMPANY JOBS will provide you access to the jobs you have currently active to make any edits you need, a list of any jobs that have expired (along with the option to renew), applicants to individual job listings (if you have chosen to receive applications through our built-in system), and more.

By clicking the MEMBERSHIP button, you can instantly purchase a Jobs Partnership with the site, which will allow you a full year of unlimited job postings at great savings!

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In the above image, when clicking the POST A JOB button, you will be taken to the listing editor:

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Again, fill out as much of this information as you can to make sure your job listing is complete, and easily searchable. As you will have already registered for your account, some fields will already be populated; make any changes to these fields if needed.

You will notice that you can select from three listing options: Job Type, Category, and Job Level. Click each drop down menu to see the categories available. Make your selection, or leave blank if not applicable. If you require a specific category for any of these options that is NOT provided, contact Dana Minyard (dana@healtheconomics.com) and this can easily be created and applied to your listing. The category will then always be available for you to choose.

You will be able to preview the listing to make sure it formats properly. Make sure you select either the Single Job Posting, or if you’re a Jobs Partner, select your Membership option to publish your job for free, BEFORE you preview.

If the preview looks satisfactory, click the PUBLISH LISTING button to activate. If not a Jobs Partner, you will be directed to PayPal, where you can complete your transaction. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to pay by credit card. If you encounter any difficulty using the PayPal payment system, please contact Dana Minyard (dana@healtheconomics.com) for alternate billing methods.

That’s all you need to know to publish your listing with HealthEconomics.Com’s Jobs Portal! Remember, we always stand ready to assist you with any issue you may encounter, just contact Dana Minyard (dana@healtheconomics.com) for immediate assistance!

Thanks for using the HealthEconomics.Com Jobs Portal!